Gary Charles Wilkens

As a teacher, Gary has taught courses in everything from technical writing to Shakespeare, but his specialty is creative writing, and he has taught poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction, including a workshop in genre fiction writing. For the materials from that workshop, free to use, click the link “Writing and Teaching” on the left.
Gary is always writing poetry and stories, and is currently working on/revising two science fiction novels:

· The Crying Road, an epic space opera, complete at 100,000 pages, about a devastating interstellar war and an unlikely team of misfits who hold the only hope of stopping the alien invasion. If they can survive nearly everyone in the galaxy trying to stop them.

· Where the Two Seas Meet, in progress, is a literary/hard science fiction novel about Sufis on Mars, a lone MARShal trying to solve a murder with no body, and intelligent mathematics from another universe trying to invade our own.

Gary is available for poetry readings and for teaching workshops in any area of creative writing. For samples of his poetry, click the link “Writing and Teaching."
Gary Charles Wilkens is a poet, science fiction writer, and creative writing teacher residing in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is an Associate Professor of English at Norfolk State University. He received his PhD in Literature/Creative Writing from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2010.

His poems have appeared in many literary journals, including Adirondack Review, The Cortland Review, Dicey Brown, James Dickey Review, Moon City Review, Passages North, Poetry Southeast, The Prague Review, Texas Review, and Yellow Medicine Review. He was the winner of the Texas Review Breakthrough Poetry Prize in 2006 for his book The Red Light Was My Mind, and his poetry manuscript Fayetteville was a Finalist in the 2014 Moon City Poetry Prize contest. His science fiction has appeared in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. For a full list of publications, click the link “Publications."